Frustrated Echoes

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Invisibility cloaks his smile, smile

that betrays his nonchalance for her, her

frustration keeps him engaged, engaged

with hope of a future nevermore, more

or less a challenge to her heart, hurt 



Singed from a touch that is no more,


time inflames the pain of absence,


he retreated and she regretfully withdrew,


imaginary lines of need and desire,


without his damsel in distress, 


flows from his fingers to paper,


haps he is now free to write, 




*Day 2 challenge to write in Echo Poetic form with the theme “challenging people”.


      1. I think it’s good writing if it becomes personal for the reader. More than just words. Yes, it certainly brought one particular person from my past to mind, a challenging person as you put it, but not all the memories are bad. There is pain mixed in with the heartbreak (in my case) but also some residual sighs and gentle smiles. So for that, yes, I am thankful.

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