Escaping Me

I have escape routes planned to the far reaches of the earth, or possibly just to Chicago.  I will go where everyone least expects me, into the bitter embrace of the biting wind and lose myself in the kiss of sleet.  I will find a way to make snow demons while hiding my halo beneath the fur of my coat.  I will smile constantly, instantly becoming unrecognizable in the false joy of being free … of myself.  I will bathe in the scent of dark roasted coffee forgetting my love of the ocean breeze.  My saline addiction will transform into a craving for lake side lounging, or not.  My hazel eyes will brighten to emerald jewels, filled not with jealousy but wanderlust, refueled.  And I will cry alone in the crowded city just as I have always cried alone in my solitary sea. 



      1. lol. Nothing wrong with capturing all your elements, even the melancholy ones. Like I said, it was beautifully written and I could feel every bit of it.

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