Quiet Pain

Pinterest image – source unknown

My silence is a black and white reel

Dizzying portraitures of loud mistakes

Crumbling into pools of a grievous fate

Need chirps in the background, broken

Space captures my tears, desire evaporates

The taste of your empty love will always resonate



    1. Thank you, Dave. We are doing are best just as I am sure you and your family are. Very grateful to have this vehicle for communication during this time. Looking forward to the next Poet’s Kiss.

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      1. Yes, we are, too, but it’s not half as bad here as many places around the world. Restaurants and public places are still open, but containment measures are always in effect. Everyone here wears a medical mask. Maybe 90% of everyone, almost everywhere. My Poet’s Kiss, if lived out in reality, is quite taboo during this time. But in the virtual world, kissing and touching are still allowed. 😉 And hugs too. For you! 🤗

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      2. Well, you know how selfish Americans can be. It takes drastic measures to allow for compassion and common sense – illness and death are not enough!! Of course, 5 of the 7 in my immediate family are high risk – so I take it personally. Thank you for the hugs. They are very much needed. ❤️

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