Savor the Sweetness

Image from Food Network

I wasn’t prepared for a taste to sweep my heart away. And to set my darkest desires ablaze. I’m not sure what pushed me to purchase the Goat Cheese Medallions today.  Candied walnut and creamed goat cheese delicately piped onto a dried apricot — exotic, yet unassuming — I excitedly put them in my cart for later.  Later is now. And while my appetite yearned for an indulgent bite, I didn’t expect that indulgence to remind me of the ecstasy of being with you. Not just the sin of sucking you. Or the bliss of being kissed by you. But the smiles shared. Secrets bared. And the nature that surrounded us in bloom.  

I ache with what was. I wander aimlessly in thoughts of what we wanted to be. I don’t dare hope to be more. And pray I am not less to you than I believed to be. 

I take another bite and savor the taste of you and me. 

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