Photo by Me

Angel wings, splayed and singed

Heavy with burden, pain surpassed

Her eyes laden with emerald cut guilt

Sighs imprisoned by starlit breeze 

Her song of Siren’s duplicity 

etched into his skin, a tattoo

reminiscent of her honeysuckle sin

Separated by selfish deeds 

and a hell of unforgiving pleas 

He searches for her above 

Ignoring the soft carpet of feathers

beneath his feet 


    1. Smiles. Perhaps that is because I never seem to understand myself — and feel that I am open to interpretation. I am so grateful for your friendship and continued support and encouragement.

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      1. Dana, it’s my sincere pleasure. You are really special. And open to plenty of interpretation, haha.. in a good way, of course! One day soon Joy’s story will be published, if a publisher or lit agent picks it up. When they do, I want to send you a copy. I often think of you as I edit it, and remember those days of the first draft. I went to Danshui yesterday, one of the key locations of the novel, and know that this book will be big some day. What I’m saying is, I am also grateful for your friendship and support. It has carried me through years of editing that story. Many hugs to you tonight!

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      2. I also remember finding joy in Joy and your novel. I often lose sight of “hope” and your words allowed me to swim in hope and joy and love. To hold in my hands your words, your story — would be an immense honor. You have so much to share!!

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      3. Wow, I am the one who is honored. Thank you so much for that encouragement. It means the world to me, Dana! ❤❤ As long as we keep in touch here, I will stick to that promise to send you it. And then write more stories for you to swim in. 🤗

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