Collaboration Poem Completed.

Thank you, Lucy, for the wonderful idea of doing a collaborative poem on “Freedom”. You did an amazing job with so many entries. I look forward to participating in any future collaborations with you and your readers.

Please visit Lucy’s site for the original post. ❤ Dana


Over a month ago, I wrote a post about collaborating together on a poem project with the theme freedom. I provided the first four lines, leaving the rest of the poem up to you. The collaboration has ended and I’m beyond excited to share the results of our work together. It is a beautiful piece comprised of much depth, beauty, and visceral emotion from the different writers of the WordPress Community.

The whole goal of this collaboration was to connect with people during our social isolation in order to not feel so socially distant. I hope others were able to feel a bit better about these current circumstances, along with getting their mind off of it–even if it was for just a little. Admittedly, this collaboration was fun on my side and I hope it was just as fun for you as well. I may hold another one in the…

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