In too Deep – in poetry

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Attracted to the intensity of his solitude

An aura of wounded defiance 

Creates tremors through her weary heart

His melancholy a shield, summoning

her desire to discover his secrets

Imagining his whispered pain against

her cheek, an harbor offered 

in life’s treacherous waters

The gleam in his brooding eyes

a beacon to her tempestuous nature

Her need to be needed by this man

drives her to morality’s razor edge

His measured words of sharp intellect

speaks to her dormant dreams of youth

Passion percolates in her veins, contemplating

mental jabs of wordplay and philosophies

Heat radiates from his core, protecting

a cool and polished exterior, one of ice

A mere caress of his skin would melt

her hardened, cynical soul



*Five years ago, I wrote prose about a woman’s obsession with a man. Tonight, I attempted to turn it into poetry.


  1. Interestingly, I once fell in love (of sorts) with a man a few years back and I remember having many of these very same thoughts. Like, you could be writing my heart out, at the time. (Thank god I saw him for who he really was: a predator of women’s hearts.) 💕

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