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The heartbreak is not even mine, but I ache as I feel your hope deflate. Young love is powerful and creates a life long bond – whether it is torn or tied together with time worn apologies.  No words of wisdom or poetic salve can dry the tears — and time heals all is sometimes bullshit. I can only offer my presence sans judgement and scowl. My son, today will reverberate in memories, but after many tomorrows you will find a better fate. 


*Yes, my teenage son’s girlfriend broke up with him.  It has been a long day.


    1. These two had been together for 2 years, 4 months — and this was out of the blue. But they hadn’t seen each other “face to face” in over a month. I think it was more than she could handle — which means college would have been a nightmare for them. Sigh.

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  1. This took me all the way back to my first ‘Love’. Heartbreakingly beautiful. Please tell him, and I know right now he won’t listen, but that God has someone incredible for him out there.🌙

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