Ode to ‘Lady of the Sea’

Lady of the Seas by Scot

Is your lady of the sea

blonde with blue iridescent eyes

and skin of java whipped cream

seducing you with delicate purity


are her locks fiery crimson 

with eyes that flash with demon green

searing the water with passion extreme


dare I say her tresses are obsidian poured

with a hypnotizing gaze of whiskey hues

drinking you in saline sips of honeydew


Whichever she may be,

I will dream tonight that she is me.  



**Thank you to Scot at smmartwerkz for allowing me to use his painting for inspiration!**


      1. And responding to the creativity of another – images like this one allow me freedom of thought and voluntary surrender of my negative filters.


  1. As I hear your song I confess that I am unsure if I am listening to the voice of Despoine, Rhode, Benthesikyme, Herophile, Eirene or Euadne. But DanaR is just perfect to me.


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