Darkness, Revisited

Thoughts that lead down that smoky path to darkness.  Wisps of dreams wrap themselves around my fingertips pulling me in a direction I cannot dare fathom. 

Do you ever look in that glass of whiskey and wonder if there is another pair of lips that enjoys the same tastes as you do? If that burn brings them the same pleasure?  Do you imagine a touch that can speak to you without words? Do you dream of eyes that share your secrets and understand your suffering? Do you ever hear her heartbeat and stop breathing in fear it will disappear?  These are the thoughts of my darkness.  

The secrets of your darkness are yet to be revealed. You have walls.  Strong ones. Yet you have a tender and yearning heart.  Tough combination for you … and anyone intrigued by you.  

©In the past, same as today


    1. Smiles. I have been told that my writing is abstract – so that would be fitting. If my dreams do inspire a painting, please be prepared to part with it, too. For a price, though!!!!!

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      1. 🙂 your writings for me are a deep introspect into who and what you are, hopes, dreams, desires… weather abstract or real they always hit a spot and make at least this reader, think…
        as for your words inspiring me or getting me thinking on another plain… they do it constantly 🙂

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  1. The line, “Do you dream of eyes that share your secrets and understand your suffering?” That was a very strong line that hit home. It is hard to want so much for someone to share, when you feel they might not use what you tell them as it was intended. Great piece, thank you.

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