Tell Me – Don’t Spare Me

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Where were you today? Did you smile, from a safe distance away? Did you mute your memories of our illicit sips while you led your conference call? Were you tempted to type my name but erased your doubt by writing her instead?  Have you said a prayer for my health or does your jealousy wish me ill will?  Did you catch my scent on the elevator and raise your fingers to your lips hoping to have a taste, too?  When dreams overcome you tonight, where will you be? Will you fall back into my lap, where love triumphs over fear?  



  1. Beautifully done. Your writing is mesmerizing in every way. I stopped to recall my own reactions when I catch the scent of a woman on the elevator or hallways. One must adhere to gentlemanly behaviors and professional public decorum, but as long as no one around is reading minds or eyes, it’s a brief dream come true and no one need be disturbed. Unless I have the zombie stare and keep riding the elevator for 20 minutes. Then the office gossip machine gets cranked in high gear. 😊

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