Ouch, Again

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No matter how tightly she will cling to those chains for support, her fingers will cramp and weaken. Her strength will betray her and her fingers will slip from safety. Her muscles will tense. Her breathing will hitch.  Her eyes will scrunch tightly shut in preparation for the harsh collision with the ground below. And her skin will be scraped and bruised. She will sit for a moment and take inventory of all her senses. Absorbing the sting of failure, she will stand and wipe away the dirt and tears. Perhaps, she will defiantly put her hands on her hips and debate a new plan to conquer the challenge before her. But nothing, absolutely nothing, will stop her from climbing aboard this ride of life and beginning again. 

©revised 03/2020


  1. Yes! The hard parts are good for developing a savvy intellect if we can avoid the fear of hard landings. I love this hands on hips Tigress image you create. RAWR 🐯

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