Silent Noise

Pinterest image – source unknown

I am not one to live my life in fear – of anyone, anything – even the unknown.  It is not courage or naivety.  It is an acceptance that I am mortal.  Of course, that sometimes contradicts my need to feel in control in almost all aspects of my life. 

I thrive in crisis. Wither in the mundane. But I am not sure where I will find the strength to rise to the next challenge I expect to come my way.  I already feel myself turning inward, seeking respite in ink that has forgotten my name.  However, silence may be the cave in which I remain.  




  1. Wonderful piece. It reminds me of a quote by Paulo Coelho “Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or having everything happen at once.” I believe there’s a similar quote from Author Schipenhauer, but the Coelho one is much more poetic. Again, superb work.

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