Shadow Soul


In self-exile for exhausting expressions of emptiness

She shivered in the shadows of shame 

The winds whispered her sins

The waves plundered her desires

Her naked beauty stoked the sun’s fire


Her fears exposed in harsh reality 

Her tears, salt in wounds she wrought

He knew she dwelled in darkness

So he summoned her to a life of light

Her vulnerability, an endless plight 


She bowed her head, soul in retreat

Gently he raised her chin, a demand unspoken

Eyes connected, she trembled under his touch

Understanding there was no need for rescue

She surrendered her will for him to subdue



*I am deeply grateful to a talented and loyal friend, despicable artistry, for giving me the above sketch.  I needed a gentle push to write again and he knew exactly how to draw my words out from the darkness.*


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