Gag Me

Source Unknown

Lips parted

Open invitation

To feel my desire

Tongue coaxed sighs

Silently relieving

Caged needs

As you fill me

With bountiful seed

Sating my thirst

Quieting my pleas

My voice restored

Only to reiterate

My emptiness

My soul refuses to be



  1. You have real skill with the range of your writing. I’m jealous. All I can do is splatter wordy words and call it a day. Here tho, is a subtle expression of sensuous desire ending in an unfinished moment that invites the reader to explore different paths. Is this a beginning or a tumble into an unsated need. Brilliant and well done.

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  2. Thank you for the amazing compliment. But I must disagree. You draw readers into worlds they could never imagine and allow them to have experiences they cannot even dream of – much less ask for. I get luck at times and exhale some hot air that settles sensuously for a brief moment on the reader’s awareness. But my impact is not strong enough to be carried for long. What I am most grateful for is your insight into this piece and the realization that it is infused with subtle depth. Thank you, my friend.


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