In the Mood

Tumblr image – source unknown

*I guess one cannot be a tempest without being a bit temperamental.  I have times of rich darkness, sultry naughtiness, deep introspection and on very rare occasion, sparkling lightness.  This is NOT one of those rare occasions.  Currently, I just feel like being bad.*

Dreams brightly hued
bleed through
colors collected
motives directed
swirls of voices
blurs of bodies
melding of needs
separation of deeds
oceans of pain
heavens of hope
push and pull
with broken rope
splashes of tears
cum smears
lips lie, kissing
eyes of rye
sensual song
sways the breeze
entangled limbs
flesh on fire
douse the fear
in saline sea
her home
your dreams




  1. There’s this amazing movement to the piece I can’t quite describe, It’s like a song, or a chant done fast, hell, like the rhythm of fucking. That’s it. It’s got the rhythm of sex all over it. Absolutely brilliant. Mind if I reblog this?

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