Living Dream – excerpt

Tumblr image – unknown source

“I don’t mind letting you have the last word. And I certainly don’t mind waiting for your phone call, which I do expect. But I will not let you leave here with any doubt in your brilliant but terrified brain of my attraction to you and my need to see you again.”
Without giving the stunned brunette a chance to deny him, Quinn pressed his lips to hers.  Much akin to the speed of light, sexual attraction roared through their bodies. When Quinn felt Anna’s body sway into his, he deepened the kiss to the point of indecency before pulling back. He stared down into eyes that flared with emerald lust. Quinn opened the door and murmured in her silken tresses, “Call me soon.”

Excerpt from “Living Dream” — one of several of my stories with no ending …


    1. Such a subtle hint … and one I might have to take as a challenge. Actually, I do have the story just past the phone call. I might share more as a reward if I can make myself add to the story over the holiday.

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