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He loves her curves. The curve of her calves as she stands on tiptoes for a glass. The curve of her bent knee as she reads a book in her favorite chair. The curve of her hips swaying sensually to the music as she cooks.  The curve of her abdomen that she is so critical of but gives her a delicious softness he yearns.  The curve of her breast as her nipple peeks from the rumpled sheet as she sleeps. The curve of her shoulder as the strap of her sundress attempts to slip by it.  The curve of her neck as she moves her waterfall of hair to give his lips better access.  The curve of her jaw as she clenches it in frustration.  The curve of her lips when she charms him with her sweet smile. The curve of her eyelashes as they flutter while she shatters in orgasm.  Yes, he loves her curves.


  1. You know well the silent and secret language of men. Her curves always lead to her eyes and the story of their future is written there. Excellent and captivating writing Dana.

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      1. Yes this is very true. Most of us bipedal hominids are scanners. We do it for endless reasons and for me, it is an expression and a person’s eyes that make every meeting and conversation more rich and rewarding when in a positive context. Not to ignore those graceful curves, which are the most magnificent living art and the prelude to all manner of conversation. This is why your unique approach in your post was a delightful read for me. Four dragon thumbs up.

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