On the Worst of Days

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I’m a mother.

Appreciate me.

I am a business woman.

Respect me.

I’m a writer.

Read me.

I’m a photographer.

View me.

I’m an explorer.

Discover with me.

I’m a dreamer.

Ground me.

I’m a seducer.

Succumb to me.

I’m submissive.

Dominate me.

I’m insecure.

Reassure me.

I’m tired.

Restore me.

I’m emotional.

Hold me.

I’m passionate.

Dare me.

I’m stagnant.

Revive me.

I’m distrustful.

Placate me.

I’m naughty.

Punish me.

I’m intelligent.

Engage me.

I’m witty.

Enjoy me.

I’m lustful.

Desire me.

I’m your lover.

Love me.

©revised 06/2019

**It’s been a rough couple of days.  I needed to remind myself on the worst of my days, who I am on the best of days.**


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