Pretty Ugly

Pinterest image – unknown source

Illogical illusions of indecent deeds. Spiraling strobes of incense and soft downy robes. Foreign faces with familiar graces. Laughter lilting at my broken defenses.  Salacious seeds planted deep. Fear and loathsome loneliness it does reap.  Cries quieted with polite lies. Swallowed with cheap bourbon and silent pleading.  My knees bleed with blotted ink, drying beside her kisses and his semen.  


*in the dark is where I thrive.


      1. If you feel that you exposed a side of yourself that now feels too personal, I wouldn’t try to second guess how you feel. But I do think that there is great power in raw honesty expressed as well as you do it, and I certainly think many of your readers would be able to recognise similar facets in their own selves. 🌷

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