Amber Angst

Prompt 3
Pinterest image – unknown source

All we do is perish in a world of infinite space and time—that will exist long after we tarnish it—that will never fade into folds, but rise above terrorized times and haphazard heartbreaks—–to exist, survive to cling slowly, and take long looks at speculations of the truth—and as spirits wash against the speed of turning tides and mountainous crashes—sustained forevermore by floors flooded by water that is the dress of our world—-and there is too much to decorate our eyes with; the future and such things. 

We do not deign to change our unglamorous ways. Burying our heads in the sands of hourglass time, we believe we control the etched sketch of future fortune. However, we devour the resources in gluttonous form and wretch out the acidic sour candor that we are starving our babies. We believe we are granted salvation as we do our duty of adorning their graves with plastic flowers.  Standing at the precipice of divine insanity, we push and bully our way onto a nonexistent arc to take us from this place. 


Thank you, Watt (of Piers of Duty and Gaze), for tackling the unknown and writing with me.  I hope everyone takes the time to visit Piers of Duty and Gaze for writing that is deep, provocative and poignant in its imagery and content.  I was honored to do this collaboration. Watt’s insightful lines appear first, mine are in italics.  Hope you enjoy!


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