Photo by me

I am no mystery.

I worry too much.  Sleep too little.

I argue too loudly. I praise profusely.

I hide my tears. And feed my fears.

Chocolate brings me smiles. But olives bring me memories.

I read as much as I breathe.  I rarely ever sing.

I live in blue jeans, but wish I had legs for dresses.

If I lived alone, I’d only have sports and music on.

I doubt my value. But I adore self-confidence in others.

Believe what you see in my eyes as they can tell no lies.

I hold grudges.  How many is too many?

But I also hold love very close. Suffocatingly so.

I dream of grand adventures and trips to exotic places.

I am relieved I am a mother of all boys.  Because I have no fashion sense. At all. And don’t have the patience to play with hair.

I love to spend hours in a bookstore, but won’t spend ten minutes trying on shoes.

Materially, I am as low-maintenance as they come.

Emotionally, I am too high-maintenance, even for the most patient of men.

My best friends have always been male.  I have trust issues with women – thanks to my Mom.

I was raised to believe the best part of being brunette was an innate air of mystique.

I dream of disappearing.  But am afraid of being forgotten.

I am no mystery. I’m just me.

(Although, I admit that my favorite flavor of ice cream – Brown Sugar, Bourbon and Bacon – is a bit puzzling.)  

©06/2019 Revised



  1. Oh, those eyes. I do believe you are quite the interesting person and brown sugar bourbon bacon ice cream is the ambrosia of the gods and goddesses. I think that’s where they get their energy and love of life. 😁. Nice to meet you D.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. LoL! I’m glad you enjoy my noir adult fairytale. It’s a lot of fun to write and it keeps me from watching too much TV. Drop by anytime, we’re all eccentric and fun at the Dragon Lair. And absolutely, BSBB Ice Cream is the best! 😋

        Liked by 1 person

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