In Memoriam

A life denied. The good die young and the wicked never die. I will thrive in eternity.  The grief soaks in sorrow silently.  Never let them see you cry. I write in code burying heartache in neat little rows. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I am invincible – with my invisible cloak and tongue of blades. It was God’s plan. To leave a fatherless boy to find his own way to joy? He is watching over you. With tears in his eyes at all the moments lost and having fatherhood stripped away. There are no words to make the ache go away.  So swallow the acidic sounds of platitude and leave me in peace on the hardest of days.  Rest in peace. 

11/26/72 – 06/18/03



  1. I know that feeling well. It is good to reflect, to recollect, to let our introspection finally hug our hurt and loneliness and assure us we’ll be okay.

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