Award (No) Getter

Photo by Dana (me)

Years ago, early in my blogging career, I made a “no awards” rule for my blog.  I was intimidated by the thought someone found my blog deserving of recognition – and honestly, these awards require a lot more work and preparation than I typically put into my posts.  

When I saw that my new friend, Watt, had nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award, I had to laugh.  I am the antithesis to a Sunshine Blogger.  From my dark hair and eyes to my dark writing and desires, I am not a ray of Sunshine.  I *almost* pretended that I didn’t know that he had done this to me until I read his questions.  If his questions had been of the generic variety, I would have meandered by quietly.  

So, thank you, Watt, for making me an unwilling participant in this award.  Truly, I am grateful for the support and encouragement I have received recently.  

For his questions:

  1. What is one thing that separates you from all your screw ups, almost immediately?  

The answer to this one is debatable — either my lack of conscience or my questionable moral fiber.  

2)   How much do you love people? Other people, people that you believe are pieces of you?

I don’t know that it is important how much I believe I love other people, but how much they believe I love them that is most significant.  I would hope they could not quantify my love for them.  And I think it is important to note that there are people that are pieces of me that I do not love equally.  

3)   What would you call worse; a pulmonary embolism or an intracranial hematoma?

Watt had no way of knowing that I had an intracranial hematoma in my childhood.  Therefore, I would have to say a pulmonary embolism is worse because I have not survived one — yet.  

And I am afraid this is where I will have to disappoint Watt.  I am not a rules follower.  Not when I can legally ignore them.  So, I will not be nominating others as I have no way of knowing if they have been nominated previously or if they dread such nominations.  But I will provide a list of blogs that I read religiously (about the only thing I do religiously):


RamJet Poetry

Rusted Honey

Mike’s Manic Word Depot



And so many others …

And just because I enjoy knowing more about people, I do have questions anyone can answer if they choose to do so but it is not mandated:

  1. What is your definition of a soul mate?  Do you have one?
  2. What makes you laugh so hard it hurts?
  3. What is your favorite taste?


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