Too Hot

Photo by Dana (me)

Surrounded by heat, I bask in the increasing degrees of intrinsic arousal flowing within and around me.  The breeze lifts the hair from my neck as intimately as you, my lover, but I am frustrated when I feel no lips and the only grip is that which I have upon fantasy. I hold onto the reins of my desire’s wandering as solar flares explode in depths rarely touched. The boundaries between need and want implode, bursting the dam of restraint and demand. Lava flows through the valley of greed, lapping upon the shores of salacious deeds. My molten core melds with the sinful lore that pours from the pen … always wanting to give you more. 




  1. More…more…more… I’ll always want more. But, then again, I am greedy like that. Beautifully written, Dana. I can relate to (and feel) the frustration, desire, heat and (obviously) longing for more.

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    1. The longing for “more” is doubled when the yearning extends to the giving as much as to the receiving. I am always relieved and excited when my words are felt so clearly by another.

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