Escape Route

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Kiss away the ache, within the confines of our homey cages we quake. Our eyes speak in volumes our hearts seek to hear. Our fingers bleed with the need to feed the animals within us. I pace in carnal hate as the beauties preen for my beast. I have shattered the mirrors that would offer me truth as I always embrace my broken mind’s lies.  He is the whisperer of my soul but I cannot hear him beyond my own roar of self-serving pain.  I bite the hand that reaches for me though I long to lathe it with sweet desire.  When the lights go out, I cower under the weight of my own breath. I lift my head to scream for help but my demons devour my most base urges. Look for my flicker in the ether as my only escape is into your dreams. 




  1. I’ve read this several times now and get something different out of each reading. Well written, as always, and very thought provoking.

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      1. I like rules that challenge me. Or rules that I can challenge. The rebel in me loves pushing boundaries – but I try not to offend others with my grammatical offenses.

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