Message in a bottle #3

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I’m not one to turn back time even though I live with quite a bit of regret.  There are choices I’d change, paths I’d explore and kisses I’d freely bestow. There are dares I’d take, fewer orgasms I’d fake and I’d let a little more skin show. I would laugh louder, cry harder and manage my anger better.  There are a few hands I would hold onto tighter and a couple I’d never grasp at all.

But, my DeLorean is in the shop and time refuses to stop. So, I shall learn my lessons as I lay back in the sand.  I’ll let the sun kiss these dreaming lips and feel my hair dance in the wind. I’ll let my imagination run wild and let my regrets wash out with the receding tides. 

*This was written as one piece in a series of “Messages in a Bottle” I once blogged. I blew off the dust, made a minor revision and wanted to share again.  Perhaps I will be inspired to write more more Messages in a Bottle.


    1. If I’m not mistaken, you wrote a message in the bottle yourself. I had a couple of bloggers accept the invitation to write their own back then. I reread the others — but this one was the most relevant to me then and now. 😉 But we’ll see if the others are revived.

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