What Dream May Come …

Digital Art by Marcus

Dreams drape the darkness with silken lace

I peek through the face of time,

a velveteen race to a halted pace

Voices punctuate the nearness of an imagined fate

Pricks of stars, sand of tears

I lay my fears in a paper mâché cradle

Yesterday’s bed of denial

The mist of longing well-endowed 

soothes my losses, always shrouded

I step onto the wings of a swan 

My only companion an angel, applauding

I breathe deep in peace

Broken shards of my heart compelled to be whole

Mirroring the love I’ve searched in a million words

and on an unforgiving comet

Sweet dreams, indeed.  



  1. I meant to comment earlier on this, but I love how this turned out. Velveteen… I’m going to have to use that word sometime soon, and these definitely invoke sweet dreams indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

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