Little Bird

Pinterest image – source unknown

How do I give wings to the dreams I no longer hold in the dawn’s soft folds?  To breathe life to hopes that were sliced with a desperate knife?  I feel the flutter of my heart under the weight of love’s feather, struggling to beat against the darkness – of my own destruction.  I taste the saline pain of flight tethered to fear of never having you near. And I swallow the despair of the agony we would bear if we obliged the longing we hide under our ink’s dust.   

I am untamed in nature’s survival game.  I know not whether to pray for the prey or the predator. I feel as if I am being eaten alive by hungry kisses of invisible missives. With each dip of the hummingbird’s tongue (your thoughts mounting mine), I pour my desires into an ambrosia mixed with ungodly pleas of forgiveness.  

Peel back my layers and read between the lines of tears and smiles you find most divine.  Suck the marrow from my ribs and soak in the sustenance of my needs that I am unable to express. Spray me down with the seed of your understanding and set my soul free.  




  1. “Suck the marrow from my ribs and soak in the sustenance of my needs that I am unable to express.”- probably one of my favorite lines…ever. The imagery is so intense, I can almost feel it. Loved this one.

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      1. I could tell, and yes, I could feel every bit of it. There is a vulnerability weaved into this piece that is just… beautiful, is the best way I can describe it.

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