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There is no gag, but I dare not speak.  Not because of fear of punishment (which I do desire), but I know my words will never cease once I begin.  If I spill out my desires and wants, how will I know you know what I need?  Instead, my secrets must be pried from the abyss from which they derive. The pain will not come from your hands roughening my pale skin or the wax that will meld my flesh into your pliant mold.  The defining sting will be when my soul recedes from the chains that bind it to normalcy. When you pull my hair with the carnality that makes my sleek beast roar to let loose, the pain will be the sheer agony of ecstasy when to your harbored freedom I race. 

I cannot see your eyes, but I feel the heat they convey as I submit to your survey.  I inhale the whimper from the uncertainty of not knowing if I please you or if you are silent in distaste.  I strain against the demons that tear the flesh of my insecurities. I bleed with the inability to pour my whiskey eyes over you. Deluding myself that I contain the power to intoxicate you with my submissive greed.  My control is tethered to your every heartbeat, a forceful thrum that vibrates each bead of lust I secrete.  When my will is subdued into a bruised blue, you siphon away the poison of my vulnerability by lathing me with your tongue.  Your fingers define providence within my ripened folds.  

The girl of pitiful tears dissolves into an ash of yesteryear’s regrets; the risks I refused to take.  Unlike the Phoenix, I do not rise and take flight.  Instead, the warrior within gives birth to a woman more deserving of your erotic delights.  The color of rose wine graces my noble and defiant cheeks.  My lips purse in sinful purity, not a pout but an invitation for you to consume and partake — my soul in orgasmic fury. To be possessed in your destiny is not a position I will ever forsake.  



  1. Wow! I’m going to have to reread this a few more times, and let it all sink in, only then will I be able to give a coherent comment. But, right now, I have to say…wow!

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      1. Yep, two wow’s. It could have been 3, or more, but I thought that may have been overkill. Lol. Now, let me go back and read this one again. And again.

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      2. There is so much about this that keeps me coming back for more. I love how you explored the idea of opening yourself and just letting your thoughts pour out of you. From the questioning in the beginning, about how would you know he knew what you needed if you told him everything, to the rebirth of a warrior woman towards the end. This was a beautiful piece of introspection that is coupled with passion, desire and needs.

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      3. I have read it several times now myself. In some ways it seems inadequate for what I still hold inside and then I think it is too intimate…although it is creative writing. I thank you though for your support and encouragement.

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