The following post is not poetry in emotion.  It is raw erotica.  If that is not your cup of tea, please return later for my tamer words.  

I cannot take my eyes off her. She toys with every insecurity I possess.  Physically, she is flawless.  She is tall and slender, but with toned muscles that are both feline and fierce. Her hair pours down her back like honey being spilled in the summer sun.  Her eyes are emeralds that flash mischief and intelligence. Her smile is seductive as her tongue languidly licks their contours. Her breasts are large, yet firm enough to stretch the silk of her blouse, braless.  Her nipples beckon with their pointed need.  And even her pussy is silken glory in the peeks I steal as she bends over the pool table … sans panties, of course.  Yes, she is my definition of a Goddess. Yet, more than that, her confidence and grace take my breath and stir my ire. Her laugh is melodious, not high and irritating, but soothing like a church bell tolling the midnight hour.  Her walk is poetry, attracting the eye of everyone within viewing radius.  She dresses with an elegant style that slants to slutty only when realizing that she strategically moves to reveal her bare assets.  I loathe her and lust for her at the same time.  

Jack must sense my inner conflict as his arms encircle my waist.  His voice vibrates in my ear as he inquires, “Find something you like?”  I shake my head quickly, denying the emotions that roil within.  I should know better than to try to bluff with him.  Before I can even utter a protest, Jack’s finger  is skimming my slit, my skirt not a hindrance to him at all.  I inhale sharply, knowing he will find the evidence of my dishonesty. He chuckles against my ear as my realization flushes my cheeks. I whimper when his strong fingers pinch my clit, applying exquisite pressure but not allowing the friction I need for any hope of a release.  “Do you want her, Dana?  Do you want to kiss her pouty lips and suck upon them, imagining the taste and texture of her pussy lips?”  I lean my head back on his shoulder, my eyes still affixed on the Goddess.  My breathing is erratic as my mind fills with the taunting images he whispers. 

He knows I have no experience with another woman. But he has already driven confession after confession from me regarding my darkest, depraved desires. He knows I crave to taste the orgasmic nectar of another woman. He knows I want to feel the softness of another woman’s skin against my own body. He also knows I would never initiate such an interaction. My average appearance, lack of confidence and inexperience allow too many obstacles for me to even consider seducing another woman.  

“Walk with me,” he quietly commands. His fingers release my clit and I feel a rush of painful need trickle in my most intimate crevices.  I tremble as I fight to overcome the lust that now pulses through my veins, searing my every nerve.  I set my jaw, partly glaring at Jack for stoking my sexual fires, partly pleading with him not to make me confront my fears — not here, not now — not with a Goddess.  He feels the resistance in my body though I haven’t uttered a word. “She’s looking at us, Dana. Her curiosity is piqued. Her own attraction to what she sees is weighing heavy on her mind and speaking loudly through her body.”  I glance at the blonde beauty and know immediately she is more curious about Jack than me.  

I find my voice, though it wavers in strength as I harshly whisper to Jack, “She wants YOU, Jack.  Do you want her, too?  Is this just a ploy to get her home so you can fuck her?  So you can feel your cock slide between her beautiful breasts? For your cum to coat her tongue and throat, giving her your infamous cocktail?”  

Jack spins me around, pulling me tight to his chest and forcing my chin up so he has my complete attention.  His hand settles around my throat with his thumb pressing upward on my chin. I don’t even swallow as I see the disappointment and anger swirl dangerously in his eyes. He slowly grinds his hips against me, allowing me to feel the steely erection contained by his jeans. “My cock is yours.  Only yours. Just as your pussy is mine. Only Mine.  There will be times when I share your pussy with another so that you can fully realize your fantasies and be soaked in the pleasure you have long been denied.  Your throat is mine. It satisfies me daily. Your breasts are mine.”  His other hand pinches and twists my nipple, making me bite my lip to prevent a scream or moan from escaping my mouth.  “I have never asked you to share me with another woman. I have never had a need or desire. If at some point in time you find that the idea of having my cock buried in the pussy of another woman brings you dark desire, we will examine and discuss it at that time. Do you understand me?”  

With tears glazing my stunned eyes, I whisper, “Yes, Sir.”  Jack inhales deeply.  He releases my nipple but only so that he can trap my head between both of his hands.  His thumbs stroke my jaw gently just before he kisses me savagely.  It is a kiss of punishment, possession and adoration.  The room fades from my consciousness as I succumb to his claim of me.  I am melting into his arms, helpless without air as he sucks the life from my lips but somehow magically infuses it ten-fold back into my loins.  

“Do you know how delicious you look right now, giving yourself over to your arousal?” a honeyed voice whispers in my ear.  I move to jerk away, but Jack grabs a fistful of my hair and continues to plunder my mouth. His other hand slides once again around my throat, his thumb pressing gently on my pulse point.  There is no way I can deny how I feel to him.

I can smell her exotic spicy perfume tickle my senses as her hand travels lightly, seductively up my bare arm.  I feel chill bumps erupt over my flesh. My nipples painfully extend as if they are pleading to be caressed by her fingers, too. I watch her from the corner of my eye, to see if she is touching Jack.  She is not.  Her attention is completely on me.  Jack must feel a change in my body as he finally releases my swollen mouth, allowing me to gasp for breath as I recover against the security of his chest.  

I am now looking directly into the eyes of the Goddess. They are sparkling with the mischief I noticed earlier, but now they seem glazed with … desire, possibly?  Her finger moves to my face, her finger tips tracing my raw lips. Drunk with need, I instinctively reach my tongue out to taste this golden temptress.  I fully expected her to withdraw from me but instead she allows me to suck upon her finger, savoring the feel, scent and sweetness of her skin.  Our eyes are locked — not in a battle of dominance or superiority but in an acceptance that we are enthralled with each other.  

“May I kiss you?” she boldly questions me.  I slightly nip and lap at her finger before releasing it.  I swirl my tongue with her flavors and know I want more. So much more. “Yes, please.”  I look up at Jack inquisitively, wanting to know if he was supportive of my adventures with this emboldened beauty. Jack leans down and whispers only so that I can hear, “I’m going nowhere, Dana. You are safe. Explore and enjoy. And if you reach a point where your curiosity needs a more private setting, we will go back to our apartment.”  

I nod my understanding and turn toward the Goddess, my back resting against Jack.  He looks at the mystery woman and leaves no room for question or argument as he rumbles, “She is mine. But I will share her with you as that is her desire.”  Her eyes move back to mine with more determination and a softness that I cannot define. Her eyes then fall to my lips as she steps closer to me. Her body soft, yet firm, presses against me, sandwiching me between the owner of my  heart and body and her, the object of my current desire.  Her hands slide delicately along my sides and rest along the curve of my waist before she leans in to kiss me. I hold my breath, fearful of what is to come and fearful that it will all end.  Before another thought can cross my mind, her lips melt into mine. They remind me of cotton candy in their sweet softness, but my heart is racing as if I am on a carnival ride.  In an instant, I am addicted. My arms embrace her as my hands begin to travel the dangerous curves of her body. I feel her moan against my lips as my hand grips her ass, pulling her into me more.  That was the invitation she was waiting for as she then claims my mouth just as Jack had done moments before.  Her tongue plunders my mouth, dueling with my ravenous tongue. Neither of us relenting. Both of us noisily demanding more of each other. 

I pull her face from mine and let my tongue travel along her jaw, down her throat and nestle in the crook of her neck and shoulder.  I lick, nibble and boldly bite as I hear her urge me, “yes, yes” and feel her ands slide under my blouse seeking out my breasts.  When I feel her graze one of my nipples, my entire body feels engulfed in flames.  My hands tangle in her golden locks. I yank her head back, giving me complete access to her neck and the cleavage that has taunted me from the moment I spied her.  Just as my tongue begins its descent into the bountiful flesh before me, I feel Jack shift behind me and move me slightly against his erection.  I whimper and attempt to grind against him but his hands are holding me solidly in place.  

“You two are attracting quite an audience.  Would you both like to continue this in the privacy of our home?” Jack waits while my the Goddess and I regain our senses and stare deeply into each other’s eyes.  “Please come.” I mouth to her.  Her smile radiates as she agrees.  We clasp our hands together and look to Jack to lead the way.  He takes me by my free hand to escort us home.

During the car ride, Jack cautiously questions the Goddess about her health, her current relationships (unattached), her expectations (pleasure for all involved) and her limits (no extreme kinks and nothing more than mild pain through spankings, nipple clamps, anal plugs).  She answers Jack’s questions thoroughly and thoughtfully.  She even confides her name is Beth.  She relays that she discovered she was bi-sexual in college and could not be in a relationship that does not allow her to indulge that part of her sexuality.  She also confesses that she has participated in two threesomes previously, one with two other males and the other with a male and another female.  She states that the second threesome essentially centered around the two women giving complete attention to the male.  While she enjoyed it, she truly wanted more interaction with the female.  Beth squeezes my hand meaningfully when she divulges that desire.  

I start trembling when I realize that we are parked outside our apartment.  The anticipation of fulfilling a fantasy of being with another woman and having a threesome is almost too overwhelming.  I feel light-headed and uncertain.  Jack must sense my fears suffocating me as he pulls me from the car and holds me tightly.  “Just breathe, Baby.  Nothing is going to happen that you do not want to happen. I promise.”  I begin breathing in the same rhythm as Jack and I melt into his warm strength.  He tips my face up to his and claims my mouth once again.  

When he finally releases me, I take Beth’s hand and help her from the car.  She looks at me adoringly, yet with much heat in her gaze.  Her fingers slide gently down my cheeks and she holds my head firmly in place as she begins stroking my bottom lip with her tongue. She nips at my lips and then covers my mouth with hers in a passionately soft and decadent kiss.  Our tongues do not battle, as they slowly stroke and circle.  Although her kiss is not as possessive and savage as Jack’s, it is just as provocative. I moan my need as I trap Beth against the car with my body.  She still controls my head and the pace of the kiss, but my hands are free to explore her feminine curves.  Just as my fingers disappear under the hem of her skirt, Jack interrupts us by ordering us into the apartment.  

Jack requests that I fix us all a drink while he gives Beth a quick tour of the apartment.  My eyes dart to his as uncertainty and insecurity whisper in my ear.  His gaze narrows as he waits for my response.  “Yes, Sir,” I hoarsely whisper as I disappear into the kitchen, leaving Beth with my lover.  I make as much noise as possible so that I do not attempt to hear their conversation until I know that they have moved on to the other rooms … particularly the bedroom and playroom.   My heart hammers in my chest.  I hear the whooshing of my excitement in my ears.  My hands shake. Yet, I am acutely aware of the wetness between my thighs and the building excitement throbbing at my core.  

I feel Jack’s eyes on me and I look up to see him standing at the doorway, staring at me intently. Questioning. Adoring. Lusting.  I know he is questioning whether I will be able to free myself from my doubts and insecurities. I know he wonders if I truly trust him — especially in the presence of a naked, gorgeous Goddess. I wish I knew the answers. But I do know that tonight will reveal the answers we both seek.  Hopefully, not at a cost to our relationship.  I close the distance between us, seeking the security in his arms.  It is within his embrace that I find my courage to discover myself.  

“Where is Beth?” I ask nonchalantly as he rubs my back.  “She is using the restroom and she asked to look around our playroom while you and I talk. Beth senses you are conflicted about tonight but she isn’t sure of the true reason for it.  Dana, if you do not trust me, then we will not move forward with this adventure tonight.  In order for you to truly embrace your desires and fulfill your hidden fantasies, you must let go and have faith that I will not betray you in any way.”   He pulls my head back firmly by my hair and fixes his intense eyes on mine.  His voice hardens as he adds, “I will not plead or bargain with you to continue with this exploration with Beth.  Either you want this or you don’t. Either you trust me or you don’t. I will not spend any time defending myself when I have given you no reason to doubt me. Ever.”  

I am ashamed I would make Jack doubt my trust in him. I know that I too often let the demons of my past lead my emotions astray.  I also know that in order to slay those demons I must walk through the fire of the unknown.  “May I kiss you, Jack?” I whisper longingly.  His grip on my hair loosens slightly and I see the set of his jaw relax.  “Yes, Dana. Kiss me. Let it say all the words you are holding within.”  And with that I wrap myself around Jack and kiss him with as much passion, emotion and energy I can muster.  In moments he turns the tables on me and pushes me against the wall with one hand under my ass.  “Fuck, Dana.  You are so wet, your juices have spilled down to your ass.” As he grinds out the words, I feel his finger swirl against my dark bud and then whimper in heat as I feel his finger slide into my asshole.  He begins bouncing me gently and with each motion his finger sinks deeper into my forbidden hole. I unashamedly clench around his finger, desperately wishing it was his cock filling me, stretching me, pushing and pulling me between the pain and pleasure he can so exquisitely deliver. 


I bite into his neck, trying to hold back my pleas for more.  “Let’s join our guest, Dana. Let’s make this a night you will never forget and one that you even desire more in the future.”  I can only pant my acquiescence as my focus is on the pressure he is exerting down below.  He proceeds to carry me down the hall with his finger still intruding me in the darkest of places.  I am not too far gone, however, to be stunned by the beautifully nude Beth waiting for us on the couch in our playroom.  “I want her, Jack,” I murmur softly but Beth hears me and flashes her brilliant, seductive smile at me.  

My body feels as if it is engulfed in an inferno as she rises and approaches us.  As I watch her approach, I realize she has my favorite princess anal plug in her hand.  My heart stops as she stops beside me, searing me with a look that almost makes me forget I am held captive by Jack’s finger in my ass.  She takes my plug and slowly sucks it into her mouth, twirling it around and around, hypnotizing me with the movements of her lips.  Just as I fall deep into her trance, she moves behind me, leaving my line of sight. But her hands start stroking the back of my thighs and move slowly up the curve of my ass cheeks.  I involuntarily begin to shake at the surreal feeling of being felt up by this Goddess while being impaled on Jack’s finger.  Jack leans down and takes my left nipple into his mouth, swirling his tongue over the sensitive pebble.  My fingernails dig into his shoulders as I surrender myself to the sensations I feel throughout my heated body.  

As he bites down hard on my nipple, he slides his finger from my puckered bud.  He uses his free hand to shift my weight and lift me higher while spreading my ass cheeks wider.  I almost jump out of Jack’s arms when I feel Beth’s mouth covering my ass with kisses intermingled with licks and playful bites.  Just as I begin to relax again even with Jack’s continued assault on my nipple, I feel Beth’s velvety tongue swipe over and over my rosebud. I cry out and try to move away although it feels heavenly.  Jack pulls his mouth from my nipple to command me to be still.  My breathing is erratic and my thoughts are hazy as I think this isn’t right but at the same time I want more and more and more from both Jack and Beth.  

Beth’s nails skim over my ass cheeks, scratching slightly, marking me in the most delicious way. “Please,” I exhale, not knowing to whom I was speaking or for what I was asking.  Jack takes the invitation to begin tormenting my right nipple with his teeth and tongue. Beth obliges me by pushing her tongue more firmly against my bud.  I try to push down, wanting to be invaded by that pink velvet. But as soon as I move, she retreats. Before I can even protest, I feel a hard smack against my right ass cheek. I yelp but not in pain, only in pure desire.  As I absorb the heat of that slap, Jack bites my nipple and clamps it between his teeth and Beth uses the distraction to rapidly spank my ass 4 more times.  “Please, please, please,” is the only coherent word that spills from my lips.  With the last plea, Beth thrusts the princess plug deep into my ass.  I quickly race to the edge of my first climax as I love the fullness.  

Jack walks me to the large ottoman in front of the love seat and places me there gently with the stern admonishment that I am not allowed to cum until he grants me permission.  I squeeze my legs together and breathe deeply to fend off the desperate need for release.  The lust spikes again quickly as Beth pushes my knees apart and kneels between them.  Her emerald eyes send sparks through me as her hands travel slowly and teasingly light from my ankles up my calves to my thighs.  Her touch is in sharp contrast to Jack’s.  Her touch is soft and tickles me while stoking my arousal.  I watch her hair fall across her shoulders and graze against her own perky, needy nipples.  I attempt to sit up so I can lavish attention on the Goddess’ body but Jack holds me in place with one hand.  “In due time, Dana. For now, relax and enjoy.”  


  1. Mmmm. Damn! Now who’s the one evoking a response suitable for “Masturbation May”? Butt plugs, spankings and threesomes… oh my. Dare I ask for more?

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