1. Your work is absolute perfection in my eyes. Every word speaks so vividly to me. I realise I sound like a gushing fan-girl, but I just marvel at how immensely talented you are and have to tell you how your poetry moves me. Thank you 💐

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    1. Awww — I’ve never had a fan-girl before so I am flattered! 🙂 I am just appreciative that people are able to relate in some way to my words. Thank YOU for reading me and taking the time to comment. That means so much to me!

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      1. I keep forgetting to tell you, I named a character in my newest novella after you. I decided to name them after friends and writers I enjoy. It’s a western horror story so I apologize for your fate in it in advance.

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  2. Love this, and it speaks to me in many ways. “Leather pinkens my abundant cheeks”… wow, yeah, such lovely imagery throughout, but those lines…evoke a magnificent image.

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