When all else fails — a LIST

sand dollar

I love sand dollars, intact but with imperfect, chipped edges.

I love honeysuckle that drips with sweet dew.

I love books that make me feel — angry, heartbroken, aroused, ecstatic. The emotion does not matter as long as it is not boredom. 

I love my sons’ hugs, even the ones that come after they’ve sweated for hours on a ball field. 

I love songs that remind me of first crushes, awkward dances and heated kisses.  

I love eyes that embrace my soul. 

I love a perfectly timed text, phone call or email that makes me smile … or wet.  

I love sipping on a good cava and eating foods that make me feel like a queen. 

I love his fingers running through my long hair.  And fisting it unexpectedly, taking my breath away.

I love losing myself behind the lens of a camera and finding art in nature. 

I love writing a piece that makes another feel.  The emotion does not matter as long as it is not disappointment. 

I love sea foam that rides the ocean breeze like a dandelion. 

I love the security in knowing that each night, he dreams of me. 

I love having the capacity to love … and the blessing of being loved. 




  1. A wonderful list that captures pieces of you. And, it is definitely writing. Especially when it is something personal and meaningful to you. The beauty of poetry, Little Bird, is that it comes in various forms and personal expressions. Oh, and btw, there is a poetry form centered on lists.

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    1. Well, hell, if I had known it was a poetry form, I could have over a hundred more posts by now! 😉 I think of it less as poetry and more as a personal essay — with incorrect form.

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      1. Yep. The List poetry form is actually one of the oldest, and most basic, forms of poetry out there. You can find it in both the Illiad and the Bible. Enough with the history lesson though, lol.

        And, you know, personal essays are still considered “writing”. But, whatever you want to call it, it works and you did it justice.

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