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Personality flaw or personality disorder?  How can one know the difference without seeking professional help?  As experienced as I am with therapists, I’m not sure a psychologist will even be completely honest with me.  They don’t regard anything as a “flaw” but something that can be treated with different therapies or medication.  

So — my fellow bloggers — opinions, please.  


  1. It depends on what you are referring to as a “flaw” or a “disorder”. Some things are obviously disorders, if it is due to a chemical imbalance or the way the brain functions. Some things are just traits and personalities. But, even those can be remedied if the person wants to change bad enough. In short…it’s hard to say without knowing the perceived problem.


  2. Unfortunately, a mental health professional can’t classify something with a non-medical term like “character flaw” and be allowed to treat it. It has to be categorized and sometimes even forced into a medical condition that health insurance will recognize and cover. Because of this some people are hesitant to get help, as they are concerned with the potential stigma attached to a specific diagnosis. The important thing is not so much the classification, but working within the system to get help.

    It’s been a while since I’ve been to a therapist.

    I go to directly to a psychiatrist. A medical doctor who can write a prescription.

    Cuts out the “middle-man.”


    Have a nice day. 😊


      1. And I think that is my quandary – when is a flaw more than just a flaw? When it is detrimental to others? When it makes us feel as if we live in dual realities? Or when it makes us question whether we are flawed or ill? Yes, I’ve had a long day. 😉

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  3. I think it might depend on the severity of the issue, the degree of detriment it causes, and the ability (or lack thereof) for the individual to change. I’d say flaws are easier to change than disorders since disorders are generally considered to be a more endemic component of a person’s wiring.
    But I could be wrong… 🤷‍♂️

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  4. I have recently started seeing a therapist! I have a large amount of anxiety because of events in my past. I always though I was doing well with coping but once I started talking about it there was some relief. So talking helped in this instance and for me in most instances. I do know I would never take medication and I control any interaction. I don’t I hope that helps.

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    1. I have diagnosed PTSD and depression and I do have to take meds to control those issues. I am internalizing a few other behaviors that I wonder how they are truly classified — but like I said a therapist will tell me anything is curable. 🙂

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      1. I believe I have a form of PTSD also. I think you are right about the therapist and I feel they are wrong. I know my feelings will not be cured. They may get better at times but never cured. I guess that is why I hold back with her and seem more positive to her than I should. Lol when I’m negative it seems to disappoint and I feel bad. Lol I guess I’m internalizing things too.

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      2. Being completely honest with a therapist is extremely hard. I was more worried about him judging me and thinking I was a “bad” person. At some point, I realized I was wasting a lot of money because I wasn’t helping myself by holding back. If he did judge me, he never let me know it. Don’t worry about disappointing her — only worry about disappointing yourself by not giving yourself a fair chance.

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      3. Gosh I could have written that! That is exactly how I feel. Good thing it’s a free therapist so nothing to worry about there! I’ll try to be completely honest next session and see how it goes.

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  5. I think that there are many flaws with diagnosing personality ‘disorders.’. There are some personality characteristics that tend to cluster, but I truly believe classifying them as ‘disorders’ implies something inherently wrong with a person, since it is our personalities who make us who we are. Sometimes there are things deep within us that are core and deep and unhelpful to ourselves and others. But does it help to put them in a black and white category as disorder or not disorder? Personality traits exist on a spectrum, not as either/either entities.

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