Dance with the Devil – Part 2

devil 2

She was mesmerized by the hypnotic power of his eyes. She knew instinctively he could decipher her every emotion and thought. She stuttered, “I don’t even know your name.” A smile teased his full lips as he held her tighter and then shocked her by placing tender kisses upon both her cheeks before he murmured, “Yes, you do, as my name is the one that has burned in your heart for quite some time now. I am the one that has dwelled in your darkest, most lascivious dreams. When you choose to let my name roll from your sweet lips, you will forever be bonded to me. That is not a curse, but a promise.”

She licked her lips and as much as she wanted to whisper the name she believed to belong to him, she held herself back. He chuckled and stated, “Perhaps you will find the courage after our next dance.” And at his cue “Sexual Healing” began.

There was no sweet seduction in the instructor’s movements for this dance. Every point of contact between their bodies was choreographed to deliver pure carnal pleasure. Desiree was skeptical about any healing that was occurring as they gyrated and swayed but she knew it was all sexual. She was so aroused by the man who moved against her and with her that she no longer heard the music or lyrics. She could only hear her heavy panting and his hot breaths as she relinquished all control of her own movements.

She was focused only on the sensation of being handled by this divine creature. She felt his hands move down her back and cup the orbs of her ass, pressing her firmly against his swollen cock. She moaned loudly as she arched backwards and trusted her partner to keep her safe as she let her head and hair hang toward the floor. Desiree felt total freedom as she let the desire guide her every move.

The instructor shifted their positions slightly so that she was now straddling one of his thighs. He used his free hand to explore her curves. When Desiree felt his fingertips dip below the neckline of her blouse, she attempted to straighten back in his arms. One hand held her firmly by the waist while the other hand applied gentle pressure to

her chest, keeping her reclined. She heard his voice rise above the vocals of Marvin Gaye, “Relax, Desiree. Stop reacting with your brain. Feel with your heart and your body. If you do that, I promise nothing will happen that you don’t want.”

As he said this, his fingers slowly caressed the skin along her collarbone while his thigh rubbed a tantalizing circle against her mound. With the delicious pressure on her swollen folds, she gave in to his guidance and started humping his leg to the seductive rhythm of the music. The arousal sizzled through her blood as if the devil himself had given her an infusion of heat from the netherworld. She felt that heat pool in her core, threatening to erupt into a molten inferno.

A whimper escaped her lips as she reached the edge and peered over the abyss into lascivious pleasure. At that very moment when she was sure she was free-falling into the sinful depths, the music ended and her wicked teacher abruptly pulled her upright against his hard body. “My wanton Angel, you don’t think I’d let you come that easily, do you?” he growled into her ear as she fought to catch her breath.

Tears of frustration leaked from her eyes as she fought to regain the contact of his thigh with her cunt. His hold tightened around her waist as his hand grasped a fistful of her hair as he effectively quieted her struggle. “I am still waiting to hear my name spoken by your honeyed voice, Desiree. Only then will I reward you with the most soul- shattering orgasms you’ve ever enjoyed.”


  1. Damn… “I am the one that has dwelled in your darkest, most lascivious dreams. When you choose to let my name roll from your sweet lips, you will forever be bonded to me. That is not a curse, but a promise.” Double damn! I enjoyed the whole continuation, but I Love this bit of dialogue.

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