Dance with the Devil – Conclusion

devil 3

His gaze devoured her shimmering green eyes with such intensity she forced her eyes shut. She shook her head, knowing deep within who owned her heart but she refused to speak the name that she had never dared to say aloud to anyone. As she debated escaping from her tormentor, she was startled by the sound of lapping ocean waves. Her eyes flew open and she was greeted by a sparkling Caribbean sea before her. Her high heels were now gone and her bare feet were sinking into a soft powdery sand. She turned in her instructor’s arms and cried out in despair as behind her she found they were flanked by a forest of towering hardwood trees.

She rounded on the infuriating dance mentor and hit him solidly in the chest with her fists and demanded, “Why? Why did you bring me here?” The instructor grabbed her flailing arms and roughly embraced her to his chest and murmured, “Because this is where you want to be. You won’t admit it to yourself, but you have resided here in your dreams for a while, Desiree. You are caught in between the sea of passion and desire and the wilderness of unknown possibilities, where your true love resides.”


Desiree’s panic subsided while her soul absorbed his words, knowing that he spoke the truth. Their eyes met and Desiree’s lips trembled as the dance teacher leaned down to give her a taste of his longing. The kiss was meant to be a delicate uniting of their mouths but as soon as he inhaled her sweet breath, his mouth possessed hers with a crushing force. His tongue powerfully claimed every surface of her mouth as his sheer will demanded that she give him access to her entire being through this kiss alone.

Her hands desperately grabbed for skin and hair, anything that would draw this man closer to her and meld them together as one. When she was certain that they would both combust with no additional source of oxygen, he wrenched himself away from her clasp. Attempting to regain his composure, he scowled at her as he said, “And you believe me to be the demon. You know not the powers you possess, Desiree!” With that declaration, he grabbed her and sensually began moving them along the boundary of where the sand met the moss to the music of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”.

With their bodies entwined, there was little dancing and much more melding of their flesh. His hands worked their way underneath her swirling skirt and she pulled his shirt loose from his pants. She desperately wanted to rip the buttons open so that she could lay kisses upon his perfect golden skin.

She attempted to ignore her brain’s protests while giving her body free rein to enjoy everything this tempting stud had to offer. But she heard her heart singing along with the lyrics to the song – “I’d never dreamed that I’d love somebody like you, and I’d never dreamed that I’d lose somebody like you”.

While her body burned with a feverish need to lose herself in her Devil’s arms, her heart ached for a loss that was inevitable. The men Desiree had known in her life were safe, dependable, and comfortable.

She had chosen carefully as she didn’t want to risk having her heart broken by a lover that discovers she is not the treasure they once believed her to be. But in playing it so safe, she had denied her own dark passions and needs that could not be sated by the gentle touches and serene lovemaking of chosen partners.

Perhaps, in this one mystical moment in time, she could relinquish her hold on her heart and body and let her handsome Devil show her the iniquitous rewards of succumbing to her forbidden fantasies. She was determined that she would do this without letting the name of the lover she truly sought from escaping her lips.

She would commit this adulterous act without forging a precarious bond and assuring that this night would only be an erotic memory with no lasting consequence. With this decision made, she began exploring her mysterious dancer’s body with renewed vigor. Her nails scraped across his heated flesh. Her tongue lapped at the salty secretions that covered his skin.

She mewed with hunger when his fingers slid beneath her panties and teased her eager clit. Her knees weakened and she was grateful for his fluid strength as he lifted her with one arm and still continued his assault on her beckoning jewel after shredding her lacy thong. She grasped his sturdy shoulders and pleaded with him to take her to the depths of depravity as he could now have his way with her body.

She whimpered as his hand left her slickened folds; however, he needed it to rid her of her blouse and bra so he could give her heaving breasts his oral attention. His mouth seared her yearning nipples with licks of flaming passion and bites of wanton disregard for her comfort level. The stinging pain awakened the feral animal she had contained within and she dug her nails into his skin as her hips bucked against his bulging erection. “That’s it, Desiree. Come alive in my arms and own your salacious spirit.”

The masterful instructor freed her luxurious hair from the pins and ran his fingers roughly through its length. He buried his nose in the raven

tresses and inhaled the exotic scent of jasmine into his lungs. His blue eyes glowed with unremorseful lechery as he passionately grabbed a fistful of her hair and thrust her head back to completely expose her neck and pushed her breasts forward against his chest.

He laved her neck with his velvety tongue, bringing forth a fierce tremble in her body. Desiree had tears of submission spilling from her eyes as she chanted, “Please take me!” in her sultry southern drawl. The dancing Devil latched onto her carotid pulse point with teeth and lips and began nipping and sucking vigorously. Desiree gasped at the act of possession as her pleasure seeped through her folds and trickled toward her ass.

The Devil swiped one finger through her nectar and brought it to her mouth. “Taste your desire, Desiree. Drink it down so you will know the taste I will soon feast upon.” Desiree drew the entire length of his finger into her greedy mouth and moaned at the salty sweetness that coated her tongue. She looked longingly into his eyes as she wrapped her tongue around its width.

“My daring Angel, you will get your journey into the shadowed wilderness and you will be fed my decadent length until we are completely spent — but only after you surrender your soul and say my name.” Desiree’s eye fluttered close as she recalled her decision, but she knew her resolve had melted and was part of the fluid that flavored her throat and leaked down her trembling legs. Now that he had taunted her with the sensations of what could be how could she ever turn away?

“Make me yours, Isaac. Make me yours in every way,” she cried out as the music changed to Robin Thicke’s “Sex Therapy”. The Devil smiled in victory and danced them deeper into the darkened forest.


  1. Wow. Yeah, you had me captivated throughout this dance with the devil. The imagery and description…had my heart beating a heavy tattoo and my blood rushing to all the right places. Well done. Very, very well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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