Dance with the Devil – Part 1


I was recently reminded of this short story I wrote a while back.  I have shied away from sharing my more erotic pieces … but someone else told me I needed to embrace it as it is a part of who I am.  I hope you enjoy.    

She stood outside the brick building, staring at the glass door. She had been there for ten minutes and had not seen a single person walk through that door. She wondered if she was at the correct place but the black block letters clearly stated, “Dance with the Devil”. It was the same name as the ad she had clicked on earlier that day while perusing the internet.

She had always wanted to learn to dance but her husband had refused her requests to take classes, so she had dismissed her desire as a silly notion. But today when the ad appeared on the local news website, something made her curious for more information. She had joked with herself that “the devil made me do it” when she clicked on the ad.

It took her to a simple web page with a photo of a couple in midst of a dance. Their features were unrecognizable because of the blur of motion, but there was an aura of flames surrounding them. Underneath this photo that exuded a simmering heat between the dancers was the name of the studio and a phone number.

She had nervously dialed the number; somewhat hoping that she would receive an answering machine. As such, she was unprepared when a smooth male voice greeted her with “Would you like to Dance with the Devil?” She debated hanging up the phone but shockingly responded with, “Depends. Are you the devil asking for a dance?” Her quick wit was rewarded with a warm chuckle that seemed to vibrate through her body. “There’s always that possibility. How can I help you, Madame?”

After explaining that she wanted information on dancing lessons, the gentleman invited her to the studio that evening for a free introductory lesson. She hesitantly explained that she would be alone as she had no dance partner. He assured her that would not be a problem. Before ending the call, he took her name and number and issued a set of instructions regarding her dress for the lesson.

Standing there, she felt ridiculous in her white peasant blouse and long, black flowing skirt with her four inch high heels. The breeze caused goose bumps to appear as she was reminded that her hair was elegantly pulled up, completely exposing her sensitive neck. She was about to turn and leave when the door opened and she was addressed

by a willowy blonde woman. “Ms. Masters, please come in. Your instructor is waiting for your arrival.”

Too embarrassed to run away, she stepped into the shadowed hallway. Before she could turn to wait for the lady to lead the way, she heard the door shut and lock behind her. Her greeter was on the opposite side of the door, withdrawing her key. As Desiree opened her mouth to protest, the woman offered her a saucy wink and disappeared into the dusk.

Fear and excitement warred within Desiree, making her heart thump noisily in her chest. Paralyzed with indecision, tears burned her eyes. She put her hand upon the cold glass, knowing that her earlier courage had expired and she would turn her back on this adventure. And then she heard it, faintly at first. But it grew louder until the alluring sound of Eric Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” wrapped its melody around her and drew her away from the door and down the darkened hall to the studio.

The lights were dimmed but it was obvious she was alone as she took in the empty ballroom with mirrored walls on all sides reflecting her frightened image. The music continued to play, but as Eric sang “My darling, you are wonderful tonight”, she felt a presence behind her. There was quiet movement as her skin prickled and she felt broad, strong hands settle on her waist. When the heated touch settled through her clothes, she heard a husky whisper in her ear, “Desiree, dance with me.”

Her entire body tensed at his words. “And this is where we must begin. In order to dance, you must trust your partner, intrinsically. You must submit your body to his and know he will lead you safely and flawlessly across the dance floor.”

She cringed at this instruction as she struggled with trust in all aspects of her relationships. “How can you expect me to have faith in a stranger?” she coolly asked. “Did you not trust that I was a dance instructor when you called?” He replied as he gently pressed his body against her back.

She was incapable of speech at the feel of his toned muscles playing against her soft curves and his sultry breath tickling her neck. “You can be assured that I have many years of experience at teaching dance and life lessons.” He intoned. “Now, close your eyes and listen to the music. Clear your mind. For this moment in time let yourself enjoy the sounds of the music and the message in the words. We will not move until you are ready.”

At first her mind raced with questions, criticisms, arguments and fear. But as she stood there, in the arms of this stranger, his body’s warmth seeped into her skin as his breathing began to regulate her own. Clapton’s smoky voice weaved its web of seduction as she listened to the melody and lyrics.

She relaxed and imagined that she was being serenaded in the arms of a lover. Her head leaned back against his chest and she sighed as the romantic and erotic images taunted her. The mysterious instructor began to sing along with the song, his mouth so close to her ear that she could feel his lips move. His left arm slid across her abdomen as his right hand sought out hers and he extended their arms out to the side in a sensuous stretch.

In this position, he did begin to move her across the floor, tantalizingly slow as if he were savoring the feel of her body as her muscles contracted and rippled next to his own. She felt no apprehension or awkwardness as she kept her eyes closed. She embraced the exhilarating feeling of freedom as she let go of all control. Her feet moved solely under the master direction of her instructor.

It seemed as if they had danced forever and no time at all when his voice resonated in her, “Open your eyes.” She did as commanded without thought and found that she was now face to face with her devilish partner. Flames of lust consumed her as she took in his inky black hair, piercing blue eyes, chiseled jaw, elegant nose and dimpled chin.

She forced her gaze from his face as she realized they were now bathed in glowing red lights that made her believe they had indeed descended into the depths of hell. She was so startled that she attempted to extricate herself from his grasp. Effortlessly, he trapped

her body against his with one hand while gripping her chin with his other and forcing her eyes upon his. “Desiree, our dance is not over. We are merely pausing for change of music.”


  1. Love the lead in with this and the level of detail. Especially the build-up of the line saying “You must submit your body to his…”. I can’t wait to go and see how this plays out.

    And, yes, you definitely need to embrace this side of you. Because it is a part of who you are.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm… maybe it is a combination of things. Your own personal journey in the last 5 years plays a lot into it too. Just be true to yourself, right? That’s all we can really do.

        Liked by 1 person

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