Grey Existence

Unknown source


There is beauty in the grey 

Nuances of color, undefined

Blurred answers to questions

Ones are most afraid to ask


There is serenity in the grey

Harsh light that closes the minds eye

is cast out but not swallowed

by the blackness of the feared abyss


There is romance in the grey

Soft touches masked by mystery

Butterfly kisses that heal the heart

Mist of pain and relief cooling our fire


There is possibility in the grey

Read the future with the tips of your soul

Listen to the earth’s melody in the lullaby 

Take the hand offered with no guilt



*I still exist in the grey … but I’ve learned to find the beauty there as well as the bleakness.


  1. Beautiful. And, not just because my favorite color happens to be grey… or because I’m all too familiar with living in the grey. It was just beautifully written.

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