Secrets to Deny

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Stealing kisses

Stealing secrets

Secrets forbidden

Secrets beckon

Beckon for help

Beckon surrender

Surrender my sanity

Surrender my control

Control undresses

Control possesses 

Possesses my lips

Possesses my dignity 

Dignity held high

Dignity soon lost

Lost in his eyes

Lost in his lust

Lust or love

Lust and thrust

Thrust his tongue

Thrust in my grip 

Grip my hips

Grip with might

Might as well

Might never happen

Happen by chance

Happen one night

Night never ends

Night follows day

Day in Day out

Day dream

Dream weaver

Dream come true

True blue friend

True love

Love at first sight

Love is blind

Blind leading the blind

Blind spot

Spot of light

Spot of honey

Honey mouthed

Honey fuck

Fuck me up

Fuck me hard

Hard day’s work

Hard to deny

Deny the desire

Deny the hunger

Hunger …

Desire …


**Written as a Blitz Poem


    1. Thank you! This is exactly what I was attempting to achieve. The Blitz poem is supposed to move the reader rapidly throughout a theme but because of its form, it is difficult to maintain the focus. I’m glad you were able to follow my “desire”. 🙂

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  1. I just read the link attached to your post. I was not familiar with this form, and I would say you have nailed it in this poem. The result is beautiful as well as erotic. I think I’d like to try out this form sometime!

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  2. You did a fantastic job with this one, it flows perfectly and kept me captivated throughout. You definitely have the Blitz form perfected, that’s for sure.

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