Photo by Tina Sokolovskaya

She dwells in-between, a broken halo dangling from her demon tail.  Her desires are dark, but only because they remain hidden — a cavern of shadows, where lust is forbidden.  She was once the Angel’s envy, a sweet smile accompanied by heart of divinity.  She walked the aisle of white, spoke the vows in front of many.  But she learned that the heart can be bruised beyond pity. And those bruises burnished in black and purple soaked her soul with 110% proof.  As the flames lick her insides, her mind finds retreat where night and sin reside.  The painful pleasure that whispers love notes upon her thighs, brings peace to the battle she tries to hide.  She surrenders to the obsidian kiss of the decadent and salacious tide.  



  1. This painted a very vivid image in my mind. I love the last line the most the imagery used was great. And, no, I’m not saying that just because you used the word “salacious” either. 😉


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