Shhhh …

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I want to tell you a secret, or more.  I want you to hold my hand and tell me, “I’m listening.”  I want to look in your eyes and feel the warmth of a Carolina summer day even if there is a chill in the air.  I want to trust you to drink in my emotions, all of them shaken or stirred.  I want to confess my desires and see your acceptance rise in your pants.  I want your fingers to trace my lips before you hungrily devour them.  I want your head on my shoulder, letting me soothe your worries away.  I want your honesty, no matter how dry and brittle.  I want your guidance when I say I’m lost. And your hand in my hair when I go to my knees.   I want acknowledgment of my strength and intellect, not dismissal of it because I sometimes feel like a slut.  I want to forget heartache when I’m in your arms, even if I am the cause of it.  I want to talk about the controversial and volatile. I want to share our sweetest memories, even the painful ones.  I want to be possessed in a way that leaves no doubt, in my mind or yours.  I want to tell you a secret … do you want more?  



  1. I’m listening, and waiting with bated breath for more…

    This held me captivated throughout, reading the “wants” and desires contained within. Beautifully done.

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