Using tranquility (something I seem unable to obtain) as a prompt, I experimented with several poetry forms.

She welcomes the breeze

Ocean’s kiss

Sweet tranquility


Poetic form: Lune


His eyes burn

With liquid passion

Time tested

Faith embraced

As his lips deliver hope

He becomes her peace


Poetic form: Shadorma


I turn to your arms

seeking bittersweet release

your gentle kisses

soothing the truth I deny

your body brings me alive


I open to you

giving harbor to your pain 

I drink from your tears

Stealing your nightmares and fears

Your needs becoming my wants 


Poetic form: Somonka


  1. Hmmm, beautifully done on the prompt and I am not sure which of them I enjoy the most. I liked them all and love how you explored the thought with different forms and even topics of tranquility.

    Now that I think about it, I need to look into the last form you used, it was by far my favorite topic and form wise. I’m not familiar with that form myself though.


    1. Thank you. I enjoyed expressing myself in the different forms. The last one is similar to a Mondo — it typically has 2 authors but 1 author can do it if they change their voice/perspective. I’m sure you can master them all.

      Liked by 1 person

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