Auguste Rodin – Cathedral Hands

Two hearts tethered, yet forlorn

Love weary, battered from the storms

With stubborn silence

Their bond frays, slips away


Two paths diverge, both untrue

Shadows descend, they remain aloof

With invisible desires

Their souls cry, hope denied


Two pens ponder, ink bleeding

Atonement in rhyme, they apologize

With reconciled needs

Their hands clasp, chemistry sublime



  1. “Stubborn silence”, yeah, that’s something I know all too well. This was beautifully done and captured the thought of reconciliation perfectly. And, I couldn’t have said it better myself. I know that’s true, because you once gave me the topic of reconciliation to write about.

    Cathedral Hands by Rodin as the photo, no less. A great choice, and not just because I like Rodin, it fits your words nicely.

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      1. Nah, they were just two different approaches to the same concept. Each have their own merits, and while my voice is different than yours, it doesn’t make yours any less beautiful or mine any more beautiful.

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  2. Thank you! I am grateful for the inspiration to write this. It helped relieve much more than just stress. I love Rodin — but these hands have intrigued me since I was challenged to write about hands years ago.

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