Have you?

Have you ever shared such a passion for another — not just the physical, but the emotional fever that burns to savor the words of another?  The urgency to split yourself open and expose the marrow of your thoughts and desires? The innate yearning to be the sole possessor of another’s time and energy? Have you longed to tease time by slowing your every touch and breath over your lover’s skin? To find refuge in the dreams of another so that you can spend the entire night with them?  To burn your fences that cage your demons and build sand castles with an angel?  



  1. Yes. I am very much aware of this kind of passion. One that is so deep, it is almost overwhelming to the senses. The wanting to be the sole possessor and sole receiver of such passion. The desire to want what others may deem as impossible. Yes. I know these feelings very well.

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