Excerpt – Confession

Pinterest image – source unknown

He listened to the rain kiss the ocean’s roar.  He couldn’t help but compare the sound to his heartbeat and Genesee’s gentle breath as she laid across his lap.  

“How is the sex?” His words cause her to jump and her eyes dart to his but quickly close as a blush creeps along her neck and cheeks.  He doesn’t know why he had to shatter their peace with such an intrusive and blunt question, but he could not contain his curiosity any longer.  

Her body was still relaxed although he could see her face flicker with emotion.  She remained silent and he refused to pursue it. His fingers found solace in the tendril’s of Genesee’s hair. He closed his eyes, laid his head back and lost himself in the pure joy of being so close to her. 

“It is familiar. Safe,” she whispers so faintly he thinks he may be dreaming it. But she turns in his lap, her head now facing away from his body, obscuring any hints of her feelings. He continues stroking her hair. His chest hurts with her answer. And then she adds, “But he is all I’ve ever known.”  



  1. This is reading very well, and I can’t wait to one day read it in its entirety. These little excerpts are a nice touch though.

    Liked by 1 person

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