storm sea
Pinterest image – source unknown

*I have been writing a novel for several years now.  At times, writing it has been cathartic. Other times, it has been painfully exhausting.  I am determined to finish it … some day.  Today, I came a few words closer to my goal.  

She stood just beyond the reach of the waves as the sea foam hissed with anger.  Her hair lashed her face and neck, the wind dusting her skin with the saline and sand.  Her recklessness made him shake his head in wonder while the rest of his body was awakened by her brazen stand against the storm.  

She did not hear his approach as the storm’s fury deafened her but she felt his presence before he was even close enough to yell her name.  She shivered when his hands drew her against his body. They both knew her reaction had nothing to do with the weather.  

He bent so that his lips brushed against her ear and asked, “Why aren’t you afraid of storms?” He felt her body vibrate with laughter as she turned her amber eyes to his, suddenly somber.  “Devin, I’m terrified of the lightning … the electricity that shocks my system every time you touch me or your eyes drink me in.  And the thunder of my heart as it races when your lips caress my name.  It scares me that my lungs burn with lack of oxygen when I think of a future without you.  What we possess is so much stronger than Mother Nature’s wrath. And the loss of “us” would destroy me.  I have so much more to fear than a little wind and rain.”  


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